News for December 2007

For this month, I shall just announce that Skybank Toprank Yank has been very successful at recent shows, and will be awarded Group 1 Kitten of Year 2007. 
You will have to wait till January, to hear the Entire Cat of Year results.
Below is a  photo of this very special boy.



News for November 2007

Skybank is a hive of activity at this time with lots of beautiful kittens to rear, and two shows within the next two weeks, and with potential buyers requesting photos  which I love taking but it does take time and patience. I have two kittens with Pansy in their names, so my friend's garden was raided this morning, and photos were taken of these two babies with pansies surrounding them. 



News for September 2007

Our Tamar Valley Cat Club  Show is over --  it was SunSoar Moreta's first show in Australia, and she certainly impressed the judge from Queensland who awarded her with Best Exotic, then Best Entire Cat, and finally Best Group 1 Exhibit. She of course won her challenges towards making her a Champion, which we hope she will achieve at our Launceston Royal Show in October. 
At this show, Skybank First In Line won the challenge that she needed, to make her a Gd Ch. She now will retire from the show scene, and Skybank She's The One is now a Champion. Below is a recent photo taken of Moreta, also a photo of the rosette she has won with the awards for Kitten of Year with TICA.




News for August 2007

Our Queens are getting mated from various studs, and the coming season will be very exciting with various Colours expected including Colour/Point, Bi-colour, Tabbies and Solids. My two new Purrbox males are now in Australia, and I am grateful to Marianne Groven for entrusting me with her beautiful boys. Pictured below is Purrbox Candy Bar who is a CPC. 
On 1st September we have our first Club show for 2007, so a report of that coming up in the near future.



News for December 2006

Our last show for year 2006 was on 2nd December. Missing the two previous shows, this one was rather special for me in showing Marco Polo & Barley Sugar for the first time. It was a 2-Ring event, and Barley Sugar won Best Group 1 kitten in Ring 1, and Reserve in Ring 2. Marco was Best Cat Group 1 in both Rings, and also Judges Choice.

News for November 2006

Latest News is that we are importing some new blood-lines.  SunSoar Moreta,
a Red Classic Tabby Female Exotic is coming to Skybank from New York. I shall show you the photo (below) which I first saw that drew me to her ---- it was that beautiful clear Classic Tabby pattern. Then I have Tracylooe Hey Presto arriving in Australia next month from the UK. He is to replace Live Toy Mufasa, who just refused to breed any more. Presto is a Black/Silver/Tabby Van Persian.



News for September 2006

Good news - recently came from Kim Leung in Victoria who owns Skybank Aria Winner, a Silver Tabby Exotic female - now an adult, and entered in a Large Open Show with Governing Council of Vic.  won Best Exotic adult in all three rings, and in Ring 1 was Best Adult & Best Exhibit Group 1, and in Ring 2 she was Reserve Best Cat.
At my recent Club show, when the main judging had finished, there were five  novelty classes held, for Best Dressed Cat, Best Decorated cage, Best Cat in a Hat etc. My kitten named Heaven to Betsy won Best Dressed Cat, and here is a photo of her. 



News for September 2005

Yesterday, Group 1 celebrated Launceston Royal Show (a 2-Ring event) with Nemo making a name for himself in winning Best Cat in one Ring and Reserve to Best in the other, plus Reserve to Best Exhibit in one Ring. Nemo is now a Grand Champion  -- whilst Gd Ch Skybank Heavenly Treasure was placed Reserve Best Cat & third Best in Top 5.  Her title is now "Bronze Gd Ch. I am also happy to announce that a new kitten will be arriving shortly here at Skybank. This girl will bring back some valuable Skybank bloodlines, and  therefore shall be a great asset in my future breeding plans. Here is a photo of Heavenly Treasure. 



News for May 2005

This month I am devoting to an article below, which was given to me to print with permission from a breeder in South Africa.





News for June 2004

Here we are in the middle of winter, cats are sleeping most of the time, and not yet thinking about breeding. I have placed some of my adults & retired others. 
I plan to produce more Exotics & less Persians next season. In numbers have less here. It is much appreciated to get photos sent me of new owners happy with their kitties.



News for December 2003

In commencing this months News with the fact of Gd Ch Kramkattens Quismaster, who has only been at our shows since October, has been placed Reserve Cat of Year 2003 in Group 1 of our CCCT Inc Awards.
He also has just mated Gd Ch Lilith's Sheila from Rofty. This litter will be a first for both of them. Here is a photo taken of him yesterday.


News for April 2003

It was great happiness for me when I received this beautiful photo of Skybank Captain Steinway (Blue Exotic) being cuddled by Miss Hong Kong who won this title at a pageant in 1998.




Skybank is celebrating tonight the safe arrival of Purrbox Power of Love from Norway released from quarantine 10th May 2002.



News for April 2002

At long last, this very special boy has arrived in Australia, and spending the remainder of April in Quarantine. His name is Purrbox Power Of Love. He is a Blue/Point Persian, who will be a great asset to the Skybank breeding program. Here are just two photos of him at different ages.



News for February 2002

On 23rd February Skybank Cloud Buster made his second appearance on the Tasmanian Show Scene & this time he won Best Exotic Cat, Best Group 1 Cat plus BEST EXHIBIT in Group 1 in BOTH Rings.



News for January 2002

To greet the New Year, I am proud to announce that this web site has won the prestigious award of Best of the Best of Auzcatters (Australia). At this point of time, I would like to thank all those who gave me a vote. I had never dreamed of winning. I would also like to thank the person who nominated my site, whoever that may have been, I hope they read this.



In February we will have an announcement of a beautiful Skybank Exotic returning to Tasmania for an extended holiday.--- This 'guy' will be something to watch out for.

With Christmas fast approaching I wish you all a Happy Christmas with Good Health & Happiness throughout 2002.


News for November 2001

Kittens are needing lots of time spent with them, it is the handling each day of everyone from birth that makes the Skybank kitten so affectionate. Needless to say, the pleasure I get from gazing upon these wonderful 'creations' cannot be measured. The latest of which is a litter of Colour/Points from two Exotic imports.
I feel privileged to own the parents & are grateful to Marianne Groven & Christine Ruhmann for letting me own their cats (an indescribable combination).

News for October 2001

Our Launceston Royal Show was held on 11th - 13th October with Best & Reserve Exhibits returning on Saturday to compete for Supreme & Reserve to Supreme of Show. I am delighted to announce Skybank Monseur Raphael (Black Silver Tabby Exotic) owned by R.& D. Smith was awarded Reserve to Supreme. Thank you Dianne & Robin for your care & devotion to all four of your Skybank neuters.




The visitors to this site now exceed 20,000 --- 
do keep visiting I am sure you will be pleased you did.


News for September 2001

Spring is officially here! -- each morning we are greeted with the chirping of birds & with the expectation of new litters arriving - there are exciting times for Skybank, whilst my visitors to this web site can expect progressive up-dates.

Good News comes from Carol Macleod (NSW) who is the proud owner of Skybank Cloud Buster. He is now a Gd Ch plus he has successfully mated his first female who will be having her babies in October. Buster ranks among my many favourites, as does Skybank Yip Zip Hurrah (a Van Black/White Persian) his new owner Mary Edwards of Mildura regularly rings me with pleasing reports.

Our thoughts & prayers go to all those effected by the horrific tragedy in America on 11th September 2001.

News for July 2001

Have we a new resident at Skybank?

Yes! this is correct.-- Her name is Elora Von BARKINTEN DK, she has just been released from quarantine & already happily settled in with her new 'husband' Purrbox Short Giant. Her photo will very soon appear on an additional web page which will feature "Future Queens" via my Females page. I am sure this will be seen with interest by my regular viewers.

News for May 2001

The congratulations have been flowing in, after Skybank Shiralee on 21st April had won Supreme Longhair Exhibit at the Auckland Kitten Show in New Zealand. I am told she competed against 149 others to win this award. The very proud owners are The Millard Family Of Palmerston North.

Skybank Scene Stealer has also made her presents felt in Hong Kong owned by Sarah Ng. Her photos have been featured on three pages of a Pet Magazine which is purchased at their Newsagents.




News for April 2001

Our exciting news this month is that we now have a name for Babe's Color/Point male & it is Skybank Webside Story & better still he is a Blue/Tabby Point Exotic.

Last week Skybank Rainbow Cocktail (Blue/Tortie Exotic) went to live with Bonnie Lai where she will be a partner for Skybank Box of Tricks. It was pleasing for me to be notified that Box Of Tricks was placed 79th in the International CFA awards for Year 2000.

News for March 2001

Our first litter of kittens sired by FIFE Ch Gd Ch Purrbox Short Giant has arrived. This news brings its joys & sorrows, for the female Colour/Point had a difficult birth & was unable to be revived, however Babe is a wonderful first time mother & is nursing three, one of these a male Colour/Point, which looks the pick of the litter.

Again, just another success on 24th February for Skybank Monseur Raphael who took out Best Group 1 kitten in both Rings & Best Exhibit in Group 1 under Rod U'Ren (All-breeds judge).



News for February 2001

Several weeks ago, a pair of Exotic kittens, I sent to Syam Edrys. These were to assist his future breeding program. He sent me this photo the day after their arrival in Kuala Lumpur . "Nobey" proudly holding his two kittens.



News of great success comes from Robin & Dianne Smith for at the first show this year for Skybank Monseur Raphael he wins Best Group 1 kitten in both Rings.
(He is a Black Silver Tabby Exotic)

News for January 2001

This photo was sent to me by Bonnie Lai, the proud owner of Skybank Box Of Tricks who won many awards at the 4-Ring Show held in Hong Kong last month. Here they were privileged to be taken with CFA All-breeds judge Kim Everett.



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